Jaipur Polo Team to Attend “POLO FOR HEART” Event in Toronto (Canada)
Polo, the game of Nobles, played by Royalty of the various Princely states of India, who placed this game on the World Pedestal as the game of The Elite. This game has attracted the noble, men of the forces and elite of the society along with commoners who have all cherished being a part of this game as players, spectators and supporters of Polo.
Late H.H. Brig. Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh ji, the illustrious son of Late His Highness Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II who was a great Polo Patron and Player, presented a huge silver trophy to the world of polo in the year 1982, which is now known as the “Jaipur World Cup Polo Trophy” and played worldwide. The contribution of the Royal Family of Jaipur towards the game of Polo has always been magnanimous as they have been taking the Polo players/teams worldwide at their expense with an endeavor to provide international exposure to the Indian players. The royals have been taking the players to various countries in order to promote the game.
Last year as well, Her Highness Maharani Padmini Devi ji and Princess Diya Kumari took a Polo team to Santa Barbara on the centurion celebration of the Santa Barbara Polo Club.The Jaipur Royal Family was the front runner in promoting this game on to the world map with the unmatched display of flair, charisma and finesse in the playing of the game of Polo. His Late Highness Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II was a world renowned polo player of an unparallel stature. He won the World Cup of Polo in the year 1957 at Douville in France.
Maharaj Narendra Singh, who has carried on this tradition being an avid player and an enthusiastic supporter and promoter of this game. His inspiration was his Late Father in Law, H. H. Brig. Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singhji who wanted him to play Polo and lead the Jaipur Polo team. With his Royal Jaipur Polo Team he has played matches in various countries around the world such as Germany, Italy, Argentina and France to name a few. He has played for the game of Polo and with it for the various Foundations and for other noble causes thereby enriching the lives of many people, community and the societies as a whole. Presently he is the FIP Ambassador from India. His efforts to promote and popularize this historical game of Polo in India are another sign of the royalty's heightened emphasis on its relationship with polo.


The 2011 Season is now over – thank you very much to our members, visiting players, sponsors and all others who have supported us. We hope you agree it has been a fantastic season despite the sometimes challenging weather and we look forward to welcoming you all next year.
How to start playing polo or having polo riding lesson
If you already have a polo handicap
1) Send in a letter or email of request to start playing polo to and address it to the Polo Captain, accompanied by a letter of introduction from the Club where you are currently playing polo. Most importantly the letter must state your polo handicap.
2) Once the Polo Captain approved your request, you will need to undergo a polo assessment to determine if you are suitable to start playing polo.
3) Upon passing the assessment, you will need to purchase a Chartered Individual or Chartered Corporate membership to start playing polo.
If you do not have a polo handicap or would like to have polo lessons
1) Send in a letter or email of request for polo lesson to and address it to the Polo Captain stating your experience in polo/ riding.
2) Upon passing the assessment, you will need to purchase a Chartered Individual or Chartered Corporate membership to start playing polo.
  Sr. No. Center Dates Category Remarks
  1 Ladakh TBA C  
  2 Manipur TBA C  
  3 Jaipur - Cavalry 13th Sep to 25th Sep 2011 A  
  4 Bangalore 14th Aug to 28th Aug 2011 A  
  5 Haryana Polo 1st Oct to 17th Oct 2011 A  
  6 Delhi 18th Oct to 11th dec 2011 A IPA Championships
  7 Calcutta 18 th Dec to 31st Dec 2011 B  
  8 Jodhpur 11th Dec to 31st Dec 2011 A  
  9 Jaipur - Rambagh 3rd Jan to 29th Jan 2012 A  
  10 Delhi 1st Feb to 4th Mar 2012 A  
  11 Bombay 6 Mar to 2nd Apr 2012 B  
  12 Bangalore 8th Apr to 29 Apr 2012 A  
Dress Code
Weekdays : Polo helmet, boots or riding shoes plus a red or white t-shirt
Weekends : Polo helmet, white breeches, brown boots plus a red or white collared t-shirt